Final Portfolio

In lieu of a final exam, you will built a digital/online portfolio. This is a complex project which will reflect our course content and growth you have achieved this semester. The portfolio will be uploaded to your own wikispace. Your will be graded on completion of each requirement, quality in format and writing and technological skills.
The Portfolio must include :

1. A self-reflection entry which will describe your experience in 9th grade this semester.
Alond with an introduction of who you are, you must talk about your successes, your needs for improvement, what worked, what did not work and why and what you will do next semester to be successful in class.
This self entry will be typed on the home page of your wikispace. Your wikispace will be personal and enhanced with pictures related to who you are.

2. A career of your choice : ( must be approved by your teacher)
Through out the semester we have explore many cluster and career path. Choose one career you really like and research it in depth. Your study must include :
  • a title / name
  • a detail description of what people in this career do
  • the average salary
  • the outlook ( it must be a good outlook)
  • the course of study or apprenticeship ( lenght of study , schools)
  • a college application completed or vo-tech application completed ( printed to a PDF then uploaded to your wikispace.)
  • the links of 2 current ads for a similar jobs ( use hyperlinks on your wikispaces)
your research must be typed on a word document then uploaded to your wikispace

3. Your educational path
go to and choose the carreer path that fits your career. (For example if you want to be a nurse , you will choose the science cluster).
Choose the classes you need to take during your highschool career and requested a report.
print this report to a PDF format then upload it to your wikispace.

4. A detailed résumé.
Write a résumé to answer one of the ads you have chosen earlier. Some of the information will be fictional ( college degrees) but the resume must fit your carreer path
You may choose to start working on the resume we had finished earlier in the semester or use a template.

your resume must be typed on a word document , then uploaded to your wikispace.

5. A letter of interest. Write a letter to accompany the resumé and show how interested you are to get hired for the job you have chosen. Follow this link for guidance and sample letter.

your letter of interest must be typed on word document , then uploaded to you wikispaces