In this unit, you will understand what is Service learning by creating your own service learning project.

Monday October 3, 2011
Outcomes : Students will be able to define what is Student Service Learning
Activities :

Visit the following websites and answer the following questions

1- What are the 7 best practices for a successful service learning?

2 - Visit the different service learning and choose 5 of them you like very much and explain why.

3- Choose one area of learning in which you would like to do your service learning?
explain why.

4- Continue Local communities activities :
Clic on the following link and choose 1 group you could help. Describe who they are, what they need

5- Find the needs of the global community:
Click on the following link , choose 2 global organizations.
describe what they do, what they need and what you can do

Assessment : Substitute Teacher will collect all work.

Tuesday October 4th
Outcomes : students will demonstrate knowledge of service learning best practices.
Activities :
W/u : What is service learning
1. Define Community using who, what , where, when ?
2. Discuss project you have studied yesterday
3. HOw do the 7 best practices apply?
4. Exit ticket : How would you apply the best practices to a SPCA project ?


Wednesday October 6th

Outcomes Students will be able to frame their service learning based on the 7 best practices.
Activities : Students will choose one of their 4 projects and apply the 7 best practices . Please complete the template given by your teacher or download it if you were absent .

Assessment : Students will turn in completed template

Thursday October 7th and Friday Oct 8th
Outcomes : students will use their knowledge of technology to create presentation of their project.
Activities :
create a power point presentation
complete check list

Assessment : You will turn in your completed check list

Monday Oct 11th :
Outcomes : students will be able to choose an appropriate service learning project for theri class.
Activites :
1- Presentations
2- listening activities
3- Assessment : vote
Results--> the class has chosen the SPCA

Tuesday Oct 12th
Outcomes : Students will be able to get to know the SPCA organization

Assessment : Teacher will collect and grade the completed webquest

Wednesday Oct 13th
Outcomes : students will be able to understand what is good advertisement
Activities :

w-u : What kind of advertisement can you think of?
class discussion : what is good advertisement ?
What info do we need to advertise our event ?

Assessment : Class will create a sample poster for our SPCA events.

Friday Oct 14th
Outcomes : students will be able to create advertisment for their service learning
Activities :
Student are asked to do 5 posters

Assessment : Students will be graded for completion