Careers for the 21st Century: Health Technologists and Technicians


  • for the 21st Century: Health Technologists and Technicians (Full Video)

·        1. Medical technicians do not work under the supervision of medical technologists or laboratory managers.

o true

o false

·        2. Medical technicians and technologists need to be very _____ to work in the field.

o communicative

o dedicated

o cooperative

o detail-oriented

·        3. Opticians are allowed to _____.

o write lens prescriptions

o design contact lenses

o give eye exams

o grind and insert lens into frames

·        4. Which of the following reflects the duties of LPNs?

o They develop care plans for doctors.

o They provide basic bedside care.

o They develop new tests for radiologists.

o They assist doctors in surgery.

·        5. Experienced radiologic technologists _____.

o develop X-ray films for radiologists

o diagnose medical problems

o read CT scans for doctors

o operate on cancer patients

·        6. The job description of a dental hygienist would probably include _____.

o fitting and tightening braces

o X-raying, cleaning, and flossing teeth

o extracting, filling, and capping teeth

o whitening, bleaching, or pulling teeth

·        7. When beginning a career in nuclear technology, you might start as a(n) _____.

o assistant

o audiologist

o X-ray technologist

o nuclear technician

·        8. If you like the medical field, but prefer very little patient contact, you may enjoy a career as a _____.

o dental hygienist

o radiologic technologist

o medical records technician

o emergency medical technician

·        9. Typically, emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, work in teams of _____.

o two

o three

o four

o five

·        10. Typical duties of an emergency medical technician are _____.

o transporting the sick or injured person to a medical facility

o providing treatment for any type of medical emergency

o administering drugs orally and intravenously

o using defibrillators on heart patients